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Sierichstrasse crossing Poelchaukamp, Winterhude district, Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany,

Google translation: Sierichstrasse crossing Poelchaukamp that runs east of the Alster Sierichstrasse by Winterhude district. The Hamburg planned in the 1950s, which broaden Sierichstraße because of increasing traffic. Besides the residents' objections, saying the protection of old trees against the measure. Ultimately, the American model an alternate route may have been introduced. Morning out - evening forth, each one-way street. The Sierichstraße is one of few European roads in the direction of change depending on the time. From 4.00 bis 12.00 clock clock noon the direction of the one-way street into town, from 12.00 noon to 4.00 clock clock in the morning with road out of town in the opposite direction.
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