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Saint Peter's Church , Hamburg, Germany

The Church of St. Peter is not only one of the five main churches of Hamburg , but the oldest church in the Hanseatic city. She was named after the apostle Peter . It is located on the Mönckebergstreet and on the mountain road at the highest point of the old town of Hamburg , called geest . The 132 meter high tower is to climb over 544 steps. Through its portholes you have a great view over the city . The original St. Petrikirche lot 1842 the Hamburg fire destroyed and rebuilt again in 1878 . Beginning of the 11th Century has been standing at this point , a wooden chapel . It is unknown when the chapel was replaced in wood by the first stone . In the 14th Century, the church was expanded to a brick church . Beginning of the 16th Century , two chapels to . 1878, seven years after the Hamburg fire was the inauguration of the neo-Gothic construction . This corresponds to the medieval church hall . By architects Alexis de Chateauneuf and Hermann Peter heels Feldt were unpracktische division by redesign of the interior . The spire of copper was designed by Johann Maack . It was during the construction next to the usual brick and glazed tiles used . These give the masonry bond a special effect . The demolition of district programs and the establishment of the Kontorhausviertel in the 1920s, the church lost many community members . The bombing in the 2nd World War spared the church .
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