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PANOPTIKUM, Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg, State of Hamburg, Germany

Google translation: Welcome to the oldest wax museum in Germany: For over 130 years, we present significant ruler of history, culture and genius of science and the colorful personalities of the arts, culture and sports. Look forward to seeing the Beatles, making King Henry VIII your respects or lose yourself in the green eyes of Robbie Williams. Here you can enjoy your idols up close - without bodyguards that will block the view. If you go through our exhibition, you will soon: the panopticon has many faces - beautiful, but also more unconventional: In our spooky corner we leave you shivers down your spine. And our anatomical cabinet will cast the spell. On more than 700 square meters you will experience the fascinating world of wax, in reality and fantasy merge. We hope you enjoy discovering.
Our favorite star in the panopticon? Them. We do everything to make you feel at ease with us. Seven days a week we are here for you. With one you have to always expect: flashlights. After being photographed with us explicitly permitted. Who would not want one even play paparazzo and make a personal photo of himself and his idol? But our show is impressive not only. She sounds good, too: This is due to our audio guide that you get for a rental fee of just 50 cents in the supervision. He will introduce you to the exciting world of our wax figures and chats sometimes from prominent sewing box. And of course we have not forgotten our younger visitors: With our free "panopticon News" youth groups and families can go on exciting rally through our rooms. This not only guarantees a lot of fun, but also creates playing knowledge. It is our tradition to constantly move with the times. Every success has a story. Our start in 1879 at Hamburg. Specifically on Spielbudenplatz. Here Friedrich Hermann Faerber one of the first waxworks opened in Germany. Shown was all that was particularly: kings and emperors, giants and dwarves, but also criminals and murderers. Often, the audience was here for the first time get a picture of them - because the press reports appeared at that time rarely with photos. When at the beginning of the 20th Century, the film came up, many of them could no longer claim waxworks in the race for attention and relevance. The Hamburg Panopticon is the only German waxworks from this period, which still exists today. Although the house was destroyed in 1943 by fire bombs and few figures could be rescued. A few years later, a small exhibition was reopened. Since 1959, the Panopticon in the current building, which were built by us in the typical style of the 50s, at home. Today the Panopticon by Dr. Hayo Faerber is passed, the great grandson of the founder. We are a family business in its fourth generation, which continues the tradition of wax image art with passion. But here you can not only admire historical figures. Again and again we are complementing our exhibition by new faces - after all, every time their own celebrities. Including modern idols such as Julia Roberts, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Harry Potter and Barack Obama have a permanent place in us. The panopticon has changed since its inception over 130 years ago often - but one thing has always remained the same: our aim to provide you with the best entertainment and information. Opening times: Monday - Friday 11:00 clock - 21:00 clock, Saturday 11:00 - 24:00 clock, Sunday 10:00 - 21:00 clock - Spielbudenplatz 3 • D-20359 Hamburg, Tel +49 (0) 40 310317 • Fax: +49 (0) 40 512 963
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