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Town Hall Market, City Hall, City of Hamburg, Germany

Google Translation: The Market Hall was built after the great fire of 1842, which the old town hall in the comfort bridge and the houses fell in the area of present-day course, with the exception of the new Hamburg Stock Exchange (1839/41) to the victim. The new City Hall is like a castle. It combines different architectural styles. Seven architects made ​​some 100 years ago at the same time to design because the new city hall. Especially the Town Hall Tower, with its unified architectural styles from Gothic and Renaissance elements Barrock is a looker. The foundation of the town hall is established due to the soil conditions on more than 4,000 oak piles. The City Council shares with the stock exchange in 1841, built a beautiful courtyard, which is from the Old Wall and the Great John's road accessible. The courtyard has richly decorated facades in the style of the Italian Renaissance and Northern Germany. Together with the Hygieia fountain, he is one of the most challenging and most successful places in the city. . The Town Hall is a total of 647 rooms.
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