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Marina , Nienstedten district , Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany ,

Google translation : the end of the 19th Century the Prussian State intended to sell the foreshore to the Elbe for the industrial settlement . Numerous cottage and villa owners intervened this project , after long negotiations we reached that the local port communities Nienstedten and small Flottbeck could be built here . The cottage and villa owners allowed for this funding. In 1889, the port was put into operation. After rather than industrial development parks and villas in the area have emerged jetty were moved here in the small harbor , there was a small dinghy harbor in the trough. The Port Authority issued Altona 1933, the authorization for a boat storage and rental. This , however, was limited because at that time still brisk loading and unloading operation prevailed at the north quay wall only to half of the harbor area . In 1962, the wharves were demolished due to washout . Today, only a few sailors have their boat are here because there is no association with club house is the coasting mode asleep. Usually only small ships are here in Teufelsbrück . A pontoon , the cabin serves as a pub and restaurant. Sometimes this is a historical sailing ship.
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