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Kontorhausviertel, Lower Road, Hamburg, Germany,

Google translation: Kontorhausviertel refers to the southeastern area of ​​the old part of Hamburg. Fritz Schumacher, Planning Director since 1909 and head of the high construction, prevailed with his idea of ​​the CBD and the planned area as an area of ​​office buildings. This should get every building of character.

The most famous office buildings such as the house or Chile Sprinkenhof all lie close together in the old town

Between the stone road, the Meßberg, the monastery and the Wall Brandstwiete. His image it receives from the large office buildings in the style of brick expressionism of the early 20th Century. The central square is the Burchardplatz. Its unique architecture and have the Kontorhausviertel published worldwide. It is impressive sign of the rich history of the port city of Hamburg.
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